Father’s Day

Sunday 16th June, 12-7pm

Treat dad to a delicious three courses lunch for £37.5

Father's Day Menu

Live music

Sunday sessions every week in the bar or on the terrace plus some extras.

Live music line-up

  • 16th June (5pm)MILLIE CLAXTON
  • 23rd June (5pm)RYAN AND NAT
  • 30th June (5pm)FERN BARNES
  • 7th July (5pm)RAY FOSTER
  • 14th July (1pm)BOB & DAVE
  • 21st July (5pm)SCOTT HAYNES
  • 28th July (5pm)MILLIE CLAXTON
  • 4th August (5pm)RAY FOSTER
  • 11th August (5pm)ED MARTIN DUO
  • 18th August (5pm)DAVID MEIN
  • 23rd August (6pm)RAY FOSTER
  • 24th August (5pm)SUN STROKE
  • 25th August (5pm)SCOTT HAYNES
  • 26th August (3pm)BOB & DAVE